F: Why we need to choose product from Barlin Times?

Q: There are four points we could make sure you, best quality, profitable price, excellent technical support and fast service respond. We believe we will be your best choice.

F: What is the main advantages of your company?

Q: We are not only developing, researching, designing, manufacturing and marketing the best quality slip ring to you, but also we can help you to find other parts that you required in China. Because we have a very good relations in electronics industry.

F: How about your delivery time?

Q: Within 7 days for standard product, around two weeks for custom product. We always keep enough standard goods in stock.

F: What is the main diameter of your capsule slip ring?

Q: We are launching some latest capsule type products with different diameter to meet demand of every customer. At present, our standard diameter is 12mm, 16mm, 18mm, 22mm and 35mm.

F: Can you tell me how to install the through hole slip ring?

Q: Please do not worry, our sales person will send you installation guide to help you how to install product correctly in the shortest time.

F: Does your product can transfer Ethernet signal?

Q: All of our products could transmit Ethernet signal with using special cable to pass 30M-1G signal data. In addition, our standard product also can pass video, USB, RS, Firewire, Canbus, high frequency, SDI, thermocouple and so on.

F: How biggest current of your product could pass?

Q: We can customize special design as per customer’s requirement. So far, we sold the biggest current--600A to our customer, which received great welcome from them. If you require higher current, please feel free to contact with us.

F: Your coax rotary joint series only have one channel or more?

Q: We can provide one channel or multi-channel with SM or MM to you. If you have other special demand, our sales engineer will recommend you the most suitable product.

F: Do you welcome sales distributor to join in your company?

Q: That will be our great honor. Please send email to us if you are interested in.

F: What is your standard through hole size for through bore series?

Q: Our standard hole size could be from 12.7-190mm with standard 1-24circuits. If you need bigger dimension, please contact us without hesitation.


Product select

  • 1
  • Capsule Slip Ring

    8-35mm OD with gold to gold contact. 2-10mm ID for compact design. Read More
  • Through Bore Slip Ring

    Hybrid signal & power is optional. High quality with longer life time. Read More
  • Mercury Slip Ring

    High work speed and big current. Non-mercury connector is optional. Read More
  • Carbon Brush Slip Ring

    Best price & excellent sales service. Easy installation & compact design. Read More
  • Wind Turbine Slip Ring

    Different structure for big current. Reliable performance & operation. Read More
  • Separate Slip Ring

    Multi-circuits could be customized. Separate design for rotor & stator. Read More
  • Pancake Slip Ring

    Shape like a platter and always design and structure is flat. Read More
  • High Temperature Slip Ring

    Smooth work operation under 240℃. Low noise with high performance. Read More
  • High Current Slip Ring

    Current could be up to 800A. Exquisite technology&low torque. Read More
  • Ethernet Slip Ring

    Transmission rate reach 1Gbps. Transmission frequency up to 250MHz. Read More
  • HDMI Slip Ring

    Transmit 720p, 1080p,1080i video signal. Compatible with HDMI v.1.4 and DVI Read More
  • Liquid/Pneumatic Slip Ring

    Combined structure is available. Different size can be customized. Read More
  • Coaxial Rotary Joint

    Hybrid slip ring is optional. Frequency can be up to 40GHz. Read More
  • Fiber Optical Rotary Joint

    SM & MM is available. Compact design in harsh condition. Read More
  • Custom Slip Ring

    We provide custom service of more non-standard slip ring products. Read More

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