Carousel Slip Ring Was Tested Successfully By Customer

Good news!

Carousel Slip Ring

Last week Barlin Times received a good news from customer about the slip ring sample we shipped to them 2 years ago which has been tested successfully already. This kind of slip ring that we designed and customized was used in carousel application. The features of this carousel slip ring has some difference compared with our normal custom slip rings after evaluating via Barlin Times engineering team. You could check from below slipring product picture, which made up by two parts for signal and power each. This solution could have big advantages helped customer to save space to make size smaller and avoid interference between power and signal part. From another hand, it is also a good solution to make life time longer through adopt gold to gold contact materials for signal part. Currently, we are discussing with customer about bulk quantity order demand. 


As we all know that, slip ring product has more strict demand on the quality and performance compared with other electrical or mechanical part. Slip rings are mostly used in high-end industrial electrical equipment or precision electronic equipment for multi-function, high performance, high precsion and multiple continuous rotary motion. Such as aerospace equipment, radar, communication equipment, medical equipment, automation processing equipment, metallurgical equipment, mining equipment, cable reel, amusement equipment, display machine, robotics, rotating door, model aircraft, special vehicles and so on. Therefore, slipring can be the sign of advanced intelligent sports equipment. 


Barlin Times could customize different solutions as per your exact application demand, the slip ring design could be divided into capsule slip ring, through hole slip ring, separate slip ring, pancake slip ring, mercury slip ring, big current slip ring, fiber optical slip ring, coax rotary joint and so forth. If you are not sure what kind of slip ring design will be more suitable for you, please feel free to contact with us in time as our sales engineer should recommend the most profitable and suitable solution for you.

Capsule Design with Big current Slip Ring Launched into Market

high current slip ring

Via over more than 10 years experience in the slip ring industry, Barlin Times always pursue high quality with profitable solution to satisfy with different requirements in various applications, we wish we could do our best for our customer and always standard from their side to evaluate design for such high current slip rings. During recent years, Barlin Times received some enquiries from our potential customers to ask smaller diameter but with big current, also they had special demand on the cost limitation. Normally,  we recommend the solution for through bore design  with metal housing which need to do machining work, this kind of design has bigger diameter and cost will be higher some to meet customers’s price target. 

From this point, the technical team of Barlin Times has designed and researched  a latest capsule type slip ring to support our customers and just do our best endeavor to save cost for them. At present, our this capsule design with big current sliprings already used successfully in wind turbine application, which could be also called wind turbine slip rings. The product picture as below showing:


Specifications & Features:


1. 1-3 circuits @ 30A are optional

2. 35mm OD with engineer plastic housing 

3. 240VAC/DC Voltage

4. Flange design with low electrical noise & torque

5. 0-300rpm work speed could be optional

6. Low cost and smooth operation

7. 250mm cable length each side

8. Power and signal could combine together 




1. Smaller wind turbine generator

2. Automation machine

3. Test instrument

4. Packing machine

5. Rotating table


If you are interested in this kind of design slip ring with big current, please feel free to contact with us for more details. Our sales engineer will send you details specification about this type and provide other information you needed. Surely we are greatly welcome if you need us to supply custom solution for you. Barlin Times are willing to do our best to provide efficient and professional service to you, we are waiting for your coming. 


Barlin Times

High Temperature Slip Ring Passed Test in Military Application

Through longer test time from last year, one of our customized high temperature slip ring that was designed for our military customer has finished test successfully. This kind of slip ring used in oil environment which has a very strict demand for the dimension and high temperature to pass good performance. We adopted stainless steel housing with holes structure to meet heat dissipation, also inside contact materials should be insulated. Our quality has received great welcome from this customer and will get more repeat orders in the future. Barlin Times has replaced some of foreign suppliers on some quality and technical points when they could not solve that. For example, reliable signal transmission and stable performance. 

Below product pictures for checking:

High Temperature Slip Ring Passed Test in Military Application
High Temperature Slip Ring

Barlin Time are really welcome more potential customers could contact with us if you have other special demands on slip ring. We will always do our best to recommend most suitable design with good quality for you, then consider profitable solution to support. Our efficient and professional service should get your satisfaction, and we provide 24 hours technical support for you. Thank you very much for your cooperation.



Barlin Times

New Year Holiday Advice of Barlin Times

New Year Holiday Advice of Barlin Times

Our dear customers:


Happy New Year of 2017 to all of you.


Barlin Times will enjoy Chinese Spring Festival from Jan21st-Feb6th,2017 around two weeks. We appreciated a lot for your cooperation and support during last year. Sorry for bring such inconvenience for you, please feel free to contact with us below if you need any urgent help.


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel: +86 755 28301446


Thank you so much for your understanding. Have a nice day always.


Barlin Times


Christmas Greetings from Barlin Times

With the coming of Christmas holiday, Barlin Times wish all of our customer "Merry Christmas”. May your Christmas be filled with special moment, warmth, peace and happiness, and wishing you all of the joys of Christmas and a year of happiness.


We, Barlin Times appreciate a lot for your support and cooperation during 2016. We will continue to do our best to design and develop more latest products to meet the need of every related applications. Expect more business contact in the coming of new year-2017. We are also very welcome more potential customers’ consultation if you are interested in our slip ring.


Thank you a lot again.



Barlin Times

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