Application And Prospect of Slip Ring Used in Automation Machine

Application And Prospect of Slip Ring Used in Automation Machine

With the constant deepening of the society informatization, mechanical automation equipment has bright prospect. Automation technology is widely used in industry, agriculture, military, scientific research, traffic transport, business, medical service and family, etc. The automation technology not only could liberate people from heavy manual labor, part of the mental work and bad or dangerous working conditions, but also could extend the organ function of humans. Meanwhile, it has greatly improved the labor productivity and enhanced the ability of humans to know the world and change the world.

Slip ring is a very important rotary joint in machinery automation equipment. As the increasingly importance of mechanical automation to our human being, the development prospect of slip ring can’t be neglected. Conductive slip ring becomes mature step by step along with the continuous progress of times and gradually replaced by the new-type slip ring from traditional carbon brush slip ring. Now, the new-type slip ring adopts multi- precious metal as the contact materials and enjoys the main features of smaller design, lighter, more durable, more convenient to installation and maintenance free. With the continuous development of the slip ring, it has been widely used in automation equipment, such as medical machine, military equipment, packaging machinery, printing device, etc.

The development direction and prospect of mechanical automation technology: the future development of mechanical automation technology should uses the actual needs of the enterprise production and development as the guide. If we deviated from this principle, it will lead to our country’s development of mechanical automation technology goes off track and cannot create economic benefits for the society. Only by considering the practical situation and use mechanical automation technology reasonably, just can make the benefit of mechanical automation technology maximize and improve the efficiency of the national economy.

Barlin Times PneumaticRotary Union Used in Automation Machine

Mechanical automation technology have bright development prospect, we should be based on the situation of our country and improve the mechanical automation technology step by step. Mechanical automation can not be completed overnight, mechanical automation should be achieved step by step from simple technology application to the application of complex technology which from junior device application to senior equipment application and from incomplete system to impeccable system, it need to take a long time.

At present, China’s mechanical manufacturing industry still has a long way to go compared with other developed countries. Under such circumstances, blindly adopts fully automation is not reasonable and we lack of the necessary investment ability and technology experience, it must be a failure if we toward into highly mechanical automation directly. When bringing foreign technology, we should research reasonably and absorb the essence and discard the dross and understand the theory basis. Then combining with the actual situation of our country to create a suitable mechanical automation development theory and put the theory into practice. On the other hand, we should realize the comprehensive application of mechanical automation technology in constant learning and development so as to arrive the goal of fully automatic in the process of production.

With the continuous development of mechanical automation, slip ring also become more and more popular in machinery automation equipment, it has become a necessary rotary joint and played a very important role in mechanical automation equipment. Barlin Times, as the largest slip ring manufacturer in China had the responsibility and obligation to make their own contributions for the development of China’s mechanical automation.

As we all know, conductive slip rings have been widely used in all kinds of different mechanical equipments and automation control devices. However, different applications have different design for slip rings. Barlin Times is always doing best on the wholeness of the series of products in order to satisfy with the customers' more and newer demands in the wide electronic field. 

There are some different designs for automation equipment are recommended as follows:


Capsule Slip Ring

Capsule Slip Ring

Capsule slip ring enjoys the main feature of compact design which could provide signal/power combination circuits ( Ethernet, USB, RS, Canbus, video, sensor, power, control, etc. ). What’s more, it adopts advanced standard military degree surface processing technology to meet the demand of every customer. The structure of this type rotary joint have flange or without flange design are optional. Gold to gold contact materials could make sure low electrical noise and longer work life time. The standard diameter of this series could be from 8.3mm-35mm and the max circuit could be up to 76rings.

Through Bore Slip Ring

Through Bore Slip Ring

Through bore slip rings (also known as "through hole slip ring or hollow shaft slip ring") are slip ring with through bore, the standard through bore size could be from 12.7mm- 190mm are optional, the standard circuits are 6 rings, 12 rings, 18 rings and 24 rings are available, the current can be from 2A-800A or higher. This series slipring are designed for being installed with flange on a sleeve bracket and adopted the most advanced fiber brush technology and multi- precious metal as the contact materials to make sure low noise, low contact pressure and maintenance free.

Separate Slip Ring

Separate Slip Ring

Separate slip ring also could be called split slip ring or PCB design slip ring. Which consists of two parts separately, one part is rotor, another one is brush block, the design is very convenient to install, so, it is particularly suit for these devices that have very strict requirements for space limitations and installation. Meanwhile, separate slipring could use pin instead of lead wire to pass bigger current. Contact materials also plays a very important role in the performance of total separate slip rings, gold to gold contact materials guaranteed these features of wear resistant, high temperature resistant, low resistance and so on.

Pancake Slip Ring

Pancake Slip Ring

Pancake slip ring, just as its name implied,the shape of pancake slip rings just like a platter, so sometimes it could be named flat slip ring and platter slip ring. This kind of sliprings are designed for the limited rotation system in height direction, which is a special conductive slip ring actually. In addition, the obvious feature of this series slip ring is that the thickness is very thin, even could up to 5mm.

Of course, if you have any other special requirements for slip ring, just feel free to contact with Barlin Times. The circuits, current, voltage, work speed, housing materials, dimension, lead wire length, lead wire size, lead wire exit direction, contact materials, protection degree, connector type, transmission signal and so on, all of above could be customized according to your actual application.

Product select

  • 1
  • Capsule Slip Ring

    8-35mm OD with gold to gold contact. 2-10mm ID for compact design. Read More
  • Through Bore Slip Ring

    Hybrid signal & power is optional. High quality with longer life time. Read More
  • Mercury Slip Ring

    High work speed and big current. Non-mercury connector is optional. Read More
  • Carbon Brush Slip Ring

    Best price & excellent sales service. Easy installation & compact design. Read More
  • Wind Turbine Slip Ring

    Different structure for big current. Reliable performance & operation. Read More
  • Separate Slip Ring

    Multi-circuits could be customized. Separate design for rotor & stator. Read More
  • Pancake Slip Ring

    Shape like a platter and always design and structure is flat. Read More
  • High Temperature Slip Ring

    Smooth work operation under 240℃. Low noise with high performance. Read More
  • High Current Slip Ring

    Current could be up to 800A. Exquisite technology&low torque. Read More
  • Ethernet Slip Ring

    Transmission rate reach 1Gbps. Transmission frequency up to 250MHz. Read More
  • HDMI Slip Ring

    Transmit 720p, 1080p,1080i video signal. Compatible with HDMI v.1.4 and DVI Read More
  • Liquid/Pneumatic Slip Ring

    Combined structure is available. Different size can be customized. Read More
  • Coaxial Rotary Joint

    Hybrid slip ring is optional. Frequency can be up to 40GHz. Read More
  • Fiber Optical Rotary Joint

    SM & MM is available. Compact design in harsh condition. Read More
  • Custom Slip Ring

    We provide custom service of more non-standard slip ring products. Read More

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