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High Speed Conductive Slip Ring

Slip ring is the electrical component that is responsible for the rotary body connection and power and signal transmission. It can improve mechanical performance, simplify system structure, avoid wire sprained during rotation.

Ethernet Conductive Slip Ring

Ethernet conductive slip ring is one of the most effective solutions for transmitting the resolution of 1920 x1080 above all the real-time image system. It also complies with the standard of HDTV between rotating HD camera and the control platform in the high definition video monitoring system. 

New Type Through Hole Capsule Slip Ring Launched into Market

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For the capsule slip ring with through hole type series, our engineering team has spent around 2-3 months to design and develop another latest type of capsule through hole type --THR030-07T. This model has already received bulk order per month from one of our customer, which also got many interest from other customers in different industries. For example, rotating table, robotics, revolving door, medical machine, display equipment and so on.

Revolving Door Slip Ring

Revolving door has the remarkable advantages for its specious and stylish design could create an atmosphere of luxury, which can become bright spot of buuldings. The revolving door enhance the wind resistance and reduce air conditioning energy consumption is the best choice of the isoltion air flow and enery saving. It can be deivided into two types of manual and automatic according to its function, also wings revolving door, three-wing revolving door, four wings revolving door, ring revolving door and crystal revolving door. Along with the development of economy and progress of society in different countries, various hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, office buildings, financial institutions, airport lounge and other gateway systems can be found everywhere. The outside hall door and interior door of these buildings most of them adopt automatic revolving door. With the increase of socical demand and rapid development for automatic revolving door, which are constantly developed and improved. 

Latest Products Of 8.3mm(diameter) Capsule Slip Ring

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Last year, the series of 8.5mm (diameter) capsule slip ring of Barlin Times has been developed and planed to enter the international market as soon as possible. However, we have received some feedback during we sent the samples to our customers, and realized that there are still some problems in product process. For example, the rotation is not so smooth, torque is bigger, structure is not so reliable and so on. Therefore, our engineering team members spent several months to improve these problems and designed a more sophisticated slip ring for this small size. The diameter of our new products has changed from 8.5 mm to 8.3 mm, the more compact design not only saves more space in the installation of device, but also solved a key problem for those customer who require a very small diameter to pass better signal and current with 360 degree rotations. The circuits could be optional from 1-8 at present. These 8mm capsule slip ring series are very popular in some special application, such as UAV,CCTV,micro-robot, etc. Barlin Times is welcome your technical consulting.