Robot Sip Ring Used in Robot Application

Robot Sip Ring Used in Robot Application

Robot is a mechanical device used for performing automatically, it not only could accept the human’s command, but also could operate the programs that arranged in advance. On the other hand, Robot is mainly responsible for helping or replacing the human’s work, such as manufacturing, construction, or some dangerous job. Along with the development of science and technology, robot gradually replaced manpower and also gradually come into our life. Robots is more flexible, in-depth and efficiency than humans.

According to the application environment of robot, it could be divided into industrial robot slip ring and special robot slip ring. Industrial robot means that the multiple joint robot or multi- degree of freedom robot used in the industrial robot. Special robot slip ring is designed for various non-manufacturing industries, including service robot, underwater robot, entertainment robot, military robots, agricultural robot, welding robot, etc. Barlin Times could customize robot slip ring according to your specific requirements.

As per the types of industrial robot slip ring, it also could be divided into robotic arm slip ring, automation equipment slip ring, stacking machine slip ring, packing machine slip ring, plucker slip ring, welding machine slip ring, automatic spray painting robot slip ring, wireless robot slip ring, medical robot slip ring, carrying manipulator robot slip ring, intelligent robot slip ring, industrial robot slip ring, etc.

As the industrial automation develops rapidly, industrial robot has been applied in all kinds of situations. In this context, industrial robot was gradually replaced some job with large labor intensity and bad working environment. Therefore, the quantity demand of enterprises for industry robot is more in our country. Some new-type robots are arising continuously in recent years, which also increased the demands of conductive slip ring. 

Along with the development of electronic technology, numerical control and robot technology, the production technology of industrial robots are more and more mature, it has some significant features of improve the quality of production stably and increase the work efficiency effectively, which also could improve worker’s working conditions, labor intensity and shorten the preparation cycle for the new product update and modification, at the same time, reduced the investment of some relevant equipment. In the process of robot production, the mass use of conductive slip ring improved the automation level of the robot parts and the production efficiency, also, made the production become more flexible and the work quality is guaranteed, in addition, the robot is suitable for a variety of high-quality production mode.

Customized Robot Sip Ring

Compared with foreign countries, China's ownership of robots is very few. With the continuous and rapid development of China's national economy, we should speed up the adjustment of economic structure and industrial upgrading and improve the level of the whole industrial automation, then, China’s robot technology will get rapid development. The domestic slip ring is not suitable for the robot produced by this country, the main reason is that foreign slip ring is not suit for the current situation of China’s robot technology system, unreasonable system selection, improper configuration and lack of enough technical support of pre-sale, sale and after-sales. Owing to the conductive slip ring produced from foreign countries not only expensive but the effect of this slipring is not ideal. That provides a good opportunity of developing robots and automation equipment for Barlin Times produce sliprings independently, which could meet the demand of domestic market.

In view of the existing problems of robot, such as the structure of rotary joint is complicated, inconvenient installation and hard to maintenance and so on, the best solution is that use conductive slip ring to make the robot could transmit signal and or power under 360 degrees unlimited rotations. The circuits of robot slip rings could be up to 300 rings, it also can transmit various different signal , such as Ethernet, USB, RS, Canbus, FireWire, servo motor signal, encoder  signal, strain gauge, thermocouple, etc.

Conductive slip rings makes the robot has good order in the structure of internal wiring and enjoys the features of easy to use, maintenance and debugging, what’s more, the over-all layout of work is very reasonable and beautiful. Conductive slip ring adopts the top materials to guarantee the features of stable performance, longer life time and maintenance free. The robot slip ring produced by Barlin Times uses the most advanced standard military degree surface processing technology and exquisite appearance design. Meanwhile, gold to gold contact materials could make sure low contact resistance and long working life, also can transmit weak signal. Conductive slip ring improved the performance of the system and simplified the system structure so as to avoid wire be sprained during rotation. We find that most of robot customers from Barlin Times are using the THR series capsule slip ring, through bore slip ring and FORJ series fiber optical slip ring, etc.

In the future development, conductive slip ring is growing steadily along with the development of different walks of life, robot slip ring industry will become a new-type and essential industrial component and enjoys very bright prospect. As more of slip ring manufacturers, the user will become very confused when selecting a cooperation manufacturer and don't know how to choose the supplier with strong strength and guaranteed product. Although conductive slip ring is very small, but it has played a very important role in mechanical equipment and directly affect the normal operation of equipment, so users need to be careful when choosing a partner.

Barlin Times Technology Co., Ltd is a professional high technology enterprise and concentrates on research, production and sell for robot conductive slip ring for many years. If you have any other special requirements, just contact with them without hesitation, they will provide the most suitable solution for you in time.

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  • Capsule Slip Ring

    8-35mm OD with gold to gold contact. 2-10mm ID for compact design. Read More
  • Through Bore Slip Ring

    Hybrid signal & power is optional. High quality with longer life time. Read More
  • Mercury Slip Ring

    High work speed and big current. Non-mercury connector is optional. Read More
  • Carbon Brush Slip Ring

    Best price & excellent sales service. Easy installation & compact design. Read More
  • Wind Turbine Slip Ring

    Different structure for big current. Reliable performance & operation. Read More
  • Separate Slip Ring

    Multi-circuits could be customized. Separate design for rotor & stator. Read More
  • Pancake Slip Ring

    Shape like a platter and always design and structure is flat. Read More
  • High Temperature Slip Ring

    Smooth work operation under 240℃. Low noise with high performance. Read More
  • High Current Slip Ring

    Current could be up to 800A. Exquisite technology&low torque. Read More
  • Ethernet Slip Ring

    Transmission rate reach 1Gbps. Transmission frequency up to 250MHz. Read More
  • HDMI Slip Ring

    Transmit 720p, 1080p,1080i video signal. Compatible with HDMI v.1.4 and DVI Read More
  • Liquid/Pneumatic Slip Ring

    Combined structure is available. Different size can be customized. Read More
  • Coaxial Rotary Joint

    Hybrid slip ring is optional. Frequency can be up to 40GHz. Read More
  • Fiber Optical Rotary Joint

    SM & MM is available. Compact design in harsh condition. Read More
  • Custom Slip Ring

    We provide custom service of more non-standard slip ring products. Read More

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