Slip Ring From Barlin Times Used in Packing Application

Barlin Times slip ring used in packing machine

Packaging applications are facing many challenges from individual machine parts in different fields. It is not only need to ensure the production could be operated without interruption, also need to make sure best reliability. At the same time, it should keep the each link in the process of operating at a reasonable speed so that could guarantee it is seamless and inerrant during processing.

Slip ring is a kind of electromechanical device, it also know as collector ring, rotary joint, electrical rotating interfaces and conductive slip ring, which could transmit signal and or power from a fix part to a rotating part. The advantages of this kind of component could avoid damage in the process of rotating. So, it has been widely applied in various mechanical equipments for more than 30 years because of its versatility. For example, packing machinery is one of the most typical applications, such as pillow type packaging machine, vertical packaging machine, weight and packaging machine, transparent film packaging machine, filling packaging machinery and so on.

Usually, every slipring contains a fixed graphite or metal joint, or electrical brush, it mainly used for rubbing and rotating the diameter of metal ring. When the rotary joint operating, the current or signal between electrical and metal ring could be transmitted and realize the connection. If you need more circuits, you can add the slip ring or electrical brush components along the rotation axis. What’s more, slip rings not only could improve the mechanical property, simplify the operating system, but also could avoid the related problems caused by the broken wire.

Barlin Times Pneumatic Rotary Union

These advantages of collector ring have been playing a very important role for the machine operators in all kinds of applications. Slip ring could pass encoder signal or power for the winding machine and the rewinding machine of the pressing carton boards, also could provide power for the cutting machine and rewinding machine in the production of the film. In addition, it also could drive the heat sealing process in candy packaging and can also be used for tobacco products processing. Of course, this kind of versatility is a big advantage, but the correct specification and maintenance is also the key. The use type of the slip ring restricted by a series of factors, including operating speed, current and voltage, the size of the space, the running protection degree, data and the bus system, some medium such as water, oil, or compressed air. Slip rings are usually made by copper or brass and gold-plated, silver or rhodium according to   different application.

Customers could choose different rotary joints according to some specific applications.

Mercury slip ring enjoys low resistance and stable connection, but, compared with traditional carbon brush slip ring, this type of rotary joint adopts liquid mercury as the transmission medium and put the fix part and rotary part together. However, Using mercury exist a safety hazard, especially in food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, or other places damaged by pollution. These industries will specify the type of the precious metal joint.

At the same time, carbon brush slip ring is the best choice for these applications at a high-speed rotation and up to 3000 RPM, such as wire cable equipment. Furthermore, it has modular system, especially suit for transmitting information via Ethernet, or used in some sensitive analog signal, the typical rotation speed could up to 20RPM.

In these packing machine which has very strict requirements for space (height less than 5mm), or the work speed is very low, pancake slip ring or flat slip ring will be the best choice. In pancake slip ring, the conductor is located in the flat, just as concentric rings are located in the center of the rotation axis. When the circuit was the same, the weight of this configuration and brush wear will be bigger, also enjoys higher capacitance and horizontal torque. Meanwhile, it is easy to collect the wear debris of the vertical axis. However, it reduced the axial length of the circuit and the service life even up to 4 million cycles, which could realize the requirement of maintenance free in some applications. Therefore, slip ring has become the best choice for many applications, but, the worth noting is that 16A is the maximum current in common use.

Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to research and develop on pancake slip ring, it may be able to lead higher current and has faster work speed in the near future.

Barlin Times Technology Co., Ltd is a professional and reliable slip ring supplier in China who has more than 10 years experiences in researching and producing slip ring. What’s more, the Company adhering to the "customer first, quality is the life" business philosophy, adhere to the "customers first" principle of providing our customers with quality products and after-sales service. In order to meet the demand of every customer from different industries, they have capsule slip ring, through bore slip ring, capsule slip ring with through hole, mercury slip ring, fiber optical slip ring, separate slip ring, pancake slip ring, carbon brush slip ring, coax rotary joint, Ethernet slip ring, liquid or gas slip ring, big current slip ring, high temperature slip ring and so on are optional. 

There are some most suitable packing slip ring are recommended as below:

Packing machine slip ring from Barlin Times enjoys the features of long life time, maintenance free, high protection degree, reliable performance and have many different designs are optional. Slipring has been widely used in packing machine industry. what’s more, they could customize the most suitable slip ring for you. If you have any other special requirements, just contact with them without hesitation, they will provide the best solution for you in time.

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  • Capsule Slip Ring

    8-35mm OD with gold to gold contact. 2-10mm ID for compact design. Read More
  • Through Bore Slip Ring

    Hybrid signal & power is optional. High quality with longer life time. Read More
  • Mercury Slip Ring

    High work speed and big current. Non-mercury connector is optional. Read More
  • Carbon Brush Slip Ring

    Best price & excellent sales service. Easy installation & compact design. Read More
  • Wind Turbine Slip Ring

    Different structure for big current. Reliable performance & operation. Read More
  • Separate Slip Ring

    Multi-circuits could be customized. Separate design for rotor & stator. Read More
  • Pancake Slip Ring

    Shape like a platter and always design and structure is flat. Read More
  • High Temperature Slip Ring

    Smooth work operation under 240℃. Low noise with high performance. Read More
  • High Current Slip Ring

    Current could be up to 800A. Exquisite technology&low torque. Read More
  • Ethernet Slip Ring

    Transmission rate reach 1Gbps. Transmission frequency up to 250MHz. Read More
  • HDMI Slip Ring

    Transmit 720p, 1080p,1080i video signal. Compatible with HDMI v.1.4 and DVI Read More
  • Liquid/Pneumatic Slip Ring

    Combined structure is available. Different size can be customized. Read More
  • Coaxial Rotary Joint

    Hybrid slip ring is optional. Frequency can be up to 40GHz. Read More
  • Fiber Optical Rotary Joint

    SM & MM is available. Compact design in harsh condition. Read More
  • Custom Slip Ring

    We provide custom service of more non-standard slip ring products. Read More

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