What is the Standard Slip Ring and Customized Slip Ring

What is the Standard Slip Ring and Customized Slip Ring

Standard slip ring, as its name implies, which is the slip ring people common used. But too many customers still do not know much about it so that spend too much time choosing the product model. Below is a brief introduction about standard slip ring and how to select conveniently.

First of all, some points we must make sure is the dimensional requirement of slip ring, whether it needs the hole, lead wire size and length, circuits, current voltage, operation speed, working temperature, protection degree and so on. These can reference the parameters of through-hole slip ring. If exceeds these parameters, you had better contact customer service and let professional sales engineer handle this. In fact standard slip ring is about the same of each manufacturer, basic standard slip ring is divided into capsule slip ring and through-hole slip ring. Now let me specially make an introduction about standard through-hole slip ring, which including the inner diameter with through-hole 012mm, 025mm, 038mm, 050mm, and the four types are common in the market. So what through-hole slip ring is the standard slip ring.

Standard Slip Ring is made under the condition of invariable internal structure. Generally, through-hole slip ring with 1-24 circuits and the same current is designated as the standard slip ring. If there are different current combination, power and signal combination, more circuits, shorter or longer length, etc. Such slip ring becomes the non-standard slip ring. Because at this point, these factors that circuits order, signal shielding and length are all taken into account, which produce a discrepancy with ordinary slip ring.

Some customers think that the standard hole of the standard through-hole slip ring is not what they need, whether such slip ring is belongs to the non-standard slip ring. The answer is because the primary of standard through-hole slip ring is the internal structure. It is standard and entirely feasible if design the inner diameter with through-hole with 020mm or with the flange according to the standard of 025mm. 


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